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Vol. 07 Boundaries


Proud recipient of the Bates Smart Award for Architecture in Media (Vic) 2021

When the Berlin Wall came down in 1989, the limits it had created did not disappear: they became less tangible, less spatial, less easily defined, and more permeable. In the 21st century, the symbolism of the wall and the boundary it represents remains, and its associated attitudes and beliefs continue to play out socially. Inflection Vol. 07 offers provocations to the discipline of architecture, which explore how borders, both tangible and intangible, are manifested in physical space.

Through the diverse and valuable perspectives of authors from around the globe, Inflection Vol. 07 carefully addresses a multitude of issues. In a profession built on the promise of permanence, how can architecture accommodate the transient and those displaced by conflict and crisis? How might designers respond to existing and impending states of emergency? How can we assert local values within a system that routinely preferences global ambitions and universal aesthetics?

This volume includes contributions from authors Peggy Deamer, Wang Shu, Edition Office, Forensic Oceanography, Ma Yansong, and RIWAQ Centre for Architectural Conservation. Inflection Vol. 07 welcomes you to investigate the expansive power of boundaries, and its forms of control and exchange within its pages, and beyond.

Inflection starts here, we leave the change to you.

Featured Contributors

Wang Shu

Shu is the Dean of China Academy of Art. In 1997, he and his wife Lu Wenyu established Amateur Architecture Studio, devoted to the research of reconstructing Chinese contemporary architecture. This pursuit is reflected in his practice such as Ningbo Art Museum, Xiangshan Campus of China Academy of Art, and the comprehensive heritage renovation of the Southern Songyu Street in Hangzhou. In 2011, Shu won the Gold Medal from the French Academy of Architecture. In 2012, he won the Pritzker Architecture Prize.

Peggy Deamer

Deamer is Professor Emerita of the Yale School of Architecture and principal of Deamer, Studio. She is the founding member of the Architecture Lobby, a group advocating for the value of architectural labor. She is the editor of Architecture and Capitalism: 1845 to the Present and The Architect as Worker: Immaterial Labor, the Creative Class, and the Politics of Design and the author of Architecture and Labor.


Ma Yansong
Yansong is the founder and principal of MAD Architects. In 2006, he was awarded the Young Architects Award by the Architectural League of New York. In 2008, Yansong was selected as one of the 20 Most Influential Young Architects by ICON magazine and in 2010 he became the first architect from China to receive a RIBA fellowship. Parallel to his design practice, he has also been exploring with the public the cultural values of cities and architecture through domestic and international solo exhibitions, publications and art works.


Kim Bridgland and Aaron Roberts
Bridgland and Roberts founded Edition Office, an architecture studio based in Melbourne, in 2016. Through the execution of its built work and research, the practice seeks to continue a greater investigation into material, spatial and cultural practice. The studio has a considered awareness for the historical and cultural complexity that exists in within the sites that their projects occupy.


Shatha Safi
Safi is an architect currently working as Co-Director of RIWAQ Centre for Architectural Conservation, Palestine, which she joined in 2008. She holds a Bachelor of Science in architectural engineering from Birzeit University and Master of Arts in World Heritage and Cultural Projects for Development from ITILO, Turin, Italy. Safi has been leading and working in different projects including the rehabilitation project of Beit Iksa, Hajjah and Birzeit, and Qalandiya.

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