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Vol. 06 Originals

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Volume 06: Originals (2019)

Featuring: Sir Peter Cook, Alison Brooks, Beatriz Colomina, Sean Godsell and Adam Peacock

Inflection Vol. 06 examines the theme of Originals within the discipline of architecture.

​​Architects are expected to create original ideas resulting in a unique, bespoke design. This preoccupation with originality has become ubiquitous in the design fields, however historically this has not always been the case. Prior to the Industrial Revolution architecture was created from a catalogue of formalised techniques, associated to classical styles. With the rise of Modern Architecture, originality became ingrained in perceptions of good design. As a result, originality has become a barometer against which we measure the value of design. However technology today allows for ease of replication and copies, thus originality in design has become an ostensibly hollow prospect.

Perhaps if we forego the notion of originality in design, copies start to become admissible. In a technological environment where copying and plagiarism is more prevalent than ever before, are traditional notions of authorship and originality still relevant? As the advancements in digital media make copying easier and ever more accessible, have traditional definitions of originality become irrelevant? To what extent should copies be embraced in design, if at all?

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